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Crowdfunding Features

Crowdfunding Features

Crowdfunding is a collective funding method based on voluntary contributions. Thanks to crowdfunding your investors will be a huge number of ordinary people who are attracted by the idea of ​​your project and who are interested in making it come true.

Often, fundraising occurs on the Internet, on specialized crowdfunding platforms. The most popular are now Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, RocketHub, PeerBackers and Booomerang.

Kickstarter is probably the most popular crowdfunding platform. The site is included in the world top most visited Internet resources. Here, the fundraisers are carried out by the creators of interesting ideas, innovations, and existing businesses use crowdfunding to test their new products to understand how successful the new product will be among the target audience. Kickstarter specializes in projects of the “creative” category: video games, independent cinema, music, comics, technology, smart and useful gadgets, etc.

IndieGoGo is another popular crowdfunding platform. Unlike Kickstarter, a campaign creator can receive a sum of fees, even if the desired goal has not been achieved. IndieGoGo is good at representing charitable projects, interesting ideas and businesses.

In order to launch a fundraising campaign on a crowdfunding platform – you should have an idea, a project is clearly and explicitly stated. It is also necessary to understand the amount needed to implement your idea.

XFARM offers a full range of services for crowdfunding platform support projects:

  • building campaign pages on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter
  • Kickstarter Campaign Registration (Intermediary Representative)
  • crowdfunding campaign management and support

    Crowdfunding is a great opportunity to translate the idea of ​​your business into reality, when there is a great desire to present the world a new interesting product but there is no direct investment to implement it. And we will help you with this.